Fibers and Knits

In our production, we use different kinds of knitwear in 100% cotton, organic cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/polyester, cotton/nylon in the desired proportions.

Among which: 


Typically made of cotton, piqué refers to a weaving style which is characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. It is durable, easy to wash and has a rough although very comfortable touch. It is perfect for the production of casual clothing that requires a high level of comfort and breathability and it is the material of excellence used by polos shirts. Piqué can also be produced using mercerized yarn from 60/2 to 80/2. 


This is the simplest structure of mesh, when coupled with lycra ensures the article one excellent durability, able to shape to every body movement.


A rib knit is a fabric produced using a style of knitting pattern which yields a distinct vertically ridged pattern known as ribbing. There are a number of advantages over a straight stockinette stitch which make the rib knit a popular choice for everything. The knit combines two basic stitches, the knit and the purl, and is very easy to make. When a rib knit is created, it is made by alternating strips of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette. A stockinette stitch is a “classic” knitted stitch, which resembles a small pattern of “V”s running through a fabric. It has a very high degree of elasticity and provides provides a great body-hugging fit. It is flexible, highly durable, smooth and lustrous.


Interlock fabric is a variation of rib knit construction. Similar to a Jersey knit except both front and back of the fabric look identical. Double knit construction makes this a thicker knit fabric. Interlock is the tightest weave, gives the smoothest surface and the finest hand. The fabric is extremely soft, firm and absorbent.



This is developed through an electronic system, which controls the needles of the looms. Different knits produced in commom looms, jacquarrd knits allows"drawinngs" with the same yarn used. Such interlacing povides a higher durabiity because the position of the yarn makes it more resistant.

American Fleece and Italian Fleece
This versatile fabric is usually very soft. Often athletic garments are made from fleece fabric because this material tends to keep perspiration away from the body while allowing air to circulate through the fibers. This typically serves to hold down odors associated with sweating during strenuous physical activity. 


Velour gives osiness still luxury to garments and makes them soft to touch. It is the best material for loungewear & nightwear as it provides ultimate comfort and keeps the perfect body temperature.


Polar Fleece
This soft fabric is lightweight yet breathable, which means air can flow through it easily. Moreover, it is warm with thermal insulation properties providing a high comfort sensation.



Besides producing collections designed by our customers, Yesterday and Tomorrow also has a design department that develops original articles of clothing for man, woman, and children.


Our styling service combines models and meshes with the graphic component. We always follow the latest trends in terms of printed, embroidery and other applications. 



With regard to the modeling process, Yesterday & Tomorrow stands out for their technical expertise and knowledge. We make molds for standard sizes and non-standard measures, according to the specifics of the order.


We always consider the most important parameters of pattern making to be not neglecting any detail, which gives us a significant advantage in this process since it allows us to predict and / or to correct aspects that are necessary for production to be successful from the first to last moment.

Cutting and Manufacturing

The cut of the raw material is the science for patterns that match perfectly and a careful and strict cutting causes the pieces fit together and adjust to the body noticeably different.


We perform the cutting of all kinds of materials and use the most advanced techniques in order to get the desired shape for our parts.


Besides using an automatic cutting machine capable of cutting multiple layers of raw material maximizing the use of fabric, we specialize in manual cutting, which we use when it comes to striped patterns or other types.


We work with all the rigor and overall professionalism when manufacturing our articles and carefully control their quality, ensuring that the requirements and specifications of our customers are met.

Stamping and Embroidery


In order to offer excellent results we use the digital printing technique which consists in applying the print directly on clothing using industrial paints specifically developed for textile printing. 


In aaditon to digital printing we use some other techniques according tou our clients´needs: discharge, waterprint, plastisol, flocking, glitter transfer, CMYK, etc. 



Concerning the embroidery, we keep the same accuracy, care, precision and efficiency. We perform the following services of embroidery for businesses and/or individuals:

Industrial embroidery: for companies in the textile industry we develop various kinds of embroidery for t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, uniforms, etc.

Tailored embroidery: we can embroider your idea on many types of application: merchandising, logos, emblems, etc. 



Dyeing and Finishing

Equipped with the latest technology that allows a quick answer to sampling or production, Yesterday and Tomorrow also offers a quality service in dyeing and knits finishes

Special finishes:








Washings and garments dyes:

-normal wash

-normal garment wash

-Stone Wash

-Vintage Wash

-Fade Out Wash

- Retro dye

-Pigment dye